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Freeze Drying Facility: A Comprehensive Guide to Lyophilization

Freeze Drying Facility is the process of Lyophilization

Freeze drying — also known as lyophilization — is an increasingly popular process for preserving perishable items such as food and medication. Freeze drying facility involves freezing an item, then reducing the pressure and temperature around it until all of its moisture is turned into vapor, leaving behind a dry form of the product that … Read more

11 Fascinating Things We All Love About Freeze-Dried Beets

A mom-kid duo trying Freeze-Dried Beets recipe

Beets are root vegetables that are often underrated and under-appreciated. They’re packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, making them a great addition to any diet. However, fresh beets can be messy and time-consuming to prepare, leading many people to opt for canned or pickled beets instead. But there’s a better option: freeze-dried beets. Freeze-drying is … Read more

What is so Special about Freeze-Dried Candy?

Colorful Freeze-Dried Candies

Freeze-dried candy is becoming increasingly popular among candy lovers with its unique texture and taste. While traditional candy is made by mixing sugar, water, and other ingredients and heating the mixture, freeze-dried candy is made by freezing and dehydrating it in a vacuum.   Image Courtesy:   The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an unprecedented … Read more

How Long Does Freeze-Dried Turkey Last?

How Long Does Freeze-Dried Turkey Last?

The Processed Meat segment in the US is set for slow but steady growth, boasting an impressive revenue of USD 39 bn in 2023. With an average annual increase of 0.19%, you can enjoy this market’s reliable performance into the foreseeable future (up to 2027)!   Image Courtesy:   When it comes to food … Read more

Are Freeze-Dried Duck Feet Good for Dogs?

Are Freeze-Dried Duck Feet Good for Dogs? Your question answered!

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s no secret that consumers are becoming more mindful of their food choices. To help reduce frequent trips to grocery stores and avoid catching infections, Power Reviews found an impressive 49% increase in non-perishable foods like freeze-dried meats, veggies, and fruits being purchased, as well as ready-made meals. We’re significantly shifting … Read more